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Linda Fredrikson

Linda Fredrikson

Linda Fredrikson had progressive, degenerative joint disease and osteoarthritis requiring her to have hip replacement surgery. Although she had her surgery in Fort Worth, Texas, she resides in DeSoto and had heard of HealthSouth Arlington many times.

To make the decision that was right for her, she toured a few physical rehabilitation facilities and hospitals, including HealthSouth Arlington.

“After an incredible tour by the Admission Liaison Toni Hayden, I was sold,” said Linda. “From the very start, I knew I was in a great hospital.”

During her 10 day stay as an inpatient, Linda met many people who pushed and motivated her along her road to recovery, people who she wants to thank personally. 

“I never expected to laugh during therapy, but I have, and if you can enjoy your therapy that much, you can’t help but get better faster.”

Linda has met many therapists over the years and says, “These two ladies (Michelle and Mandy) are some of the finest physical therapists I have ever had.” 

Linda recounts witnessing another therapist caring for a patient.

“The amount of love and care she exuded was amazing. And that is just one of the many moments I have witnessed during my stay here,” said Linda. “The compassion of the HealthSouth staff is remarkable.”

Linda is one of the first HealthSouth Arlington patients to experience REAL Therapy (Realistic Environment Applied Learning), a community based activity program that gives patients the opportunity to practice real life scenarios. This therapy program is brand new at HealthSouth Arlington. Activities include going to the grocery store, eating at a restaurant, visiting a self-serve deli and pumping gas at a gas station among others. Each station is equipped to mimic these scenarios out in the community giving patients the chance to safely practice and work towards independence.

“This will always be my first choice for physical therapy and the first thing I’m going to do is go back to the hospital where I had surgery and tell them HealthSouth Arlington is the best place to go for rehabilitation,” said Linda.

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